Bertrand Road Bridge

Project Name: Bertrand Road Suspension Bridge

Project location: Waitara

Timeframe:  Completed 2006

Description of the project, and Frame’s role

The Bertrand Road Suspension Bridge, originally built in 1897 and rebuilt in 1927 after the bridge was dismantled in the 1920’s due to flood damage.  The Bertrand Road bridge provided safe access across the Waitara River.  Over time, as the bridge deteriorated, height and weight restrictions were imposed to extend its life. The bridge was eventually declared unsafe, and was closed to vehicular traffic in 1985, and then closed to foot traffic in 2004, pending total removal.  A trust was set up to restore the bridge, with a community fundraising scheme. This included a “buy a plank” initiative, where a donation saw a donor’s name engraved on each deck plank on the bridge.

Frame Group assisted conservation architect Chris Cochrane in preparation of a conservation plan and methodology for restoring this unique suspension bridge.  The local community raised the $630,000 for the restoration work, which was designed, specified and managed by Frame Group as engineer to contract.  The bridge is open again for pedestrians and light vehicles, allowing locals and visitors to enjoy this remnant of heritage engineering from our pioneering era.

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