Paekākāriki Escarpment Trail

Project name: Paekākāriki Escarpment Trail

Project location: Paekākāriki (Approximately 20km north of Porirua) 

Timeframe: Completed 2016

Description of the project, and Frame’s role

Paekākāriki Escarpment Trail is an exciting and unique part of the Te Araroa Trail (The Long Pathway). The 10km long trail traverses the steep coastal escarpment allowing spectacular views out to Kāpiti Island, and along the Kāpiti coastline. The trail is located between Paekākāriki and Pukerua Bay, high above the highway and railway, crossing two spectacular swingbridges.

Frame Group undertook the initial feasibility for the trail in association with the Te Araroa Wellington Trust and then prepared detailed design for each trail section including several bridges.  Construction was sequential under several contracts, with each contract being prepared, tendered and contract managed by Frame Group as agent for the Te Araroa National Trust. 

Project features:

  • Climbs from near sea level to 220m.
  • Two 42m long pedestrian swing bridges.
  • Benched track crosses 50 degree slopes high above the road.
  • Approximately 1500 boxed steps.
  • Passes through remnant coastal forest.
  • Extensive restoration planting and weed control programmes.
  • Total construction cost $1.4M

Frame Group has worked with the Te Araroa Trust on multiple other exciting projects.

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