Planning and Consents

To prepare documentation for a consent can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Frame Group is able to provide the service of assessing and obtaining the consent(s) that are required for your project. We have the necessary experience to provide professional help with preparing and submitting your building consent application to ensure a successful result. A resource consent application can be very complex and require a lot of technical information to be included. As such, Frame Group has experience with engaging and working with other specialists who can help prepare documentation for the consent application wherever required.

How We Can Help With Building Consents

  • Prepare consent application, including assessing what information and documentation is required to include in the application
  • Obtain a Record of Title from Land Information New Zealand, if required​
  • Collate all the information into one structured package, including researching legal description, drawings, calculations, specifications, PS1 and any other required documents​
  • Apply for consent on the relevant Territorial Authority’s online portal​
  • Answering further technical and land queries during the processing of the consent​
  • Carry out inspections to examine whether the work being carried out meets building code standard​
  • On conclusion of the building work, carry out a final inspection, issue a PS4 certificate and apply for a code of compliance certificate (CCC)​

How We Can Help With Resource Consents

  • Assisting with applications and providing necessary engineering related documentation​
  • Consult with Planners to provide specialist’s reports​
    Engage and liaise with Geotech Engineers, Arborists and Ecologists, as required​
  • Co-ordinate consultation with local iwi​
  • Communicate with the Territorial Authority processing the consent​

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