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Porirua City Council has a long and successful working relationship with Frame Group over many years, during which Frame Group has provided sound technical engineering advice and pragmatic solutions for managing our track and outdoor structure network. This includes asset condition assessments, repair and maintenance schedules, track and structure design, maintenance standards, manuals and construction supervision. They have shared a wealth of knowledge and experience with us over the years which has helped us to improve the way we life cycle manage our network.

Porirua City Council

Forest Management (NZ) Limited (FMNZ), has been working with Frame Group Limited since 2016. FMNZ has sought engineering solutions for structures such as a single span bridge design and river crossings using both single (round and box type) and battery culvert designs. Frame Group has provided flood flow calculations using many design and estimation methodologies, mostly TM 61, to provide information to enable us to make decisions on river crossing options under the RMA and more recently under the National Environmental Standards for Plantation Forestry (NES-PF). Frame Group has backed up the calculations with communication via reports and recommendations, as well as discussions with Hydrologists within Regional Councils who have required clarification on components of the flood flow calculations. The relationship has developed over the years because of the timely response of Frame Group to our specific requests. The design solutions provided are logical, utilise the appropriate safety factors for the situation and provide a financially sustainable outcome. FMNZ has found Frame Group to be accessible, timely, detailed, cost effective, knowledgeable, realistic and helpful in providing solutions to engineering requirements for the Forest Industry.

Forest Management (NZ) Limited (FMNZ)

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